25.09.2011 22:17

As known, tourism is named as “flueless industry” and if it is managed very well, it provides important revenues for the country. All right, who manages tourism? Is it managed by one association? Today, in this article, I will examine how tourism is managed and by whom.

Tourism is not an industry which can be managed by one association. That is to say, tourism has not a CEO. It is managed by three associations: “Government, private sector and voluntary associations”(1).

Which are these associations? Private sectors are hoteliers, restaurateur, tour operators…etc. Voluntary associations are tourism and advertisement societies, eco tourism societies, sustainable tourism societies, environmental protection societies…etc.

All right, how do these associations manage tourism? If you want, we examine…


- Gives encouragement credit for investors

- Assigns investment areas for investors

- Makes a development plan for tourism

- Makes tourism government policy

- Provides security in the country. (The security is one of the most important conditions for tourism)

- Improves health sector for tourism. (Health is also important for tourism in a country)

- Strengthens infrastructure. (Because very well infrastructure is necessary for tourism)

Private Sector (Hoteliers, Restaurateurs, Tour Operators…etc):

- They make hotel and restaurant investment. They support superstructure of the country as accommodation and food and beverage.

- They provide employment in the country with the investments that they made.

- Tour operators play an important role with agreements which they made for increasing tourism revenues and tourist numbers of the country by bringing tourists from abroad.

Voluntary Associations (tourism and advertisement societies, eco tourism societies, sustainable tourism societies, environmental protection societies…etc.):

- Protect environment and prevent environmental pollution

- Work to prevent pollution of beaches

- Protrect and improve natural, historical and cultural places.

We see that mission of the voluntary associations is very important. Because the most main equipment of tourism is natural environments. This heritage is protected by government and voluntary associations.

Tourism is managed well if these three associations move together.



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