12.10.2011 16:04

All inclusive system involves accommodation, food and beverages, transportation…etc and it is sold from on the one price. Today, in Turkey, especially in Meditarrenean, coming tourists prefer all inclusive system.

All right, How does all inclusive system affect tourism?

This system can be benefical for hospitality sector, but it cannot be for region tourism. Why? Hotels present all inclusive opportunity to tourists and they keep tourists into hotels. Therefore, region people, restaurants, museums, rent a car companies…etc cannot earn enough money from tourism. Because tourists almost find all their needs in the hotel which they stay. So, sub-sectors of tourism are affected badly.

In recent years, Sustainable tourism concept is talked. Sustainable tourism is a tourism which protects natural resources, social and cultural values, environment; supports economic development of local people; creates employment. If we imprison the tourists into hotels, how can we make sustainable tourism? Because, Basis of tourism is human and tourism occurs with human. That is to say, All inclusive system can hinder sustainable tourism.

If we look at situation from this point, we see that all inclusive system is benefical for hotels, but not for tourism. Hoteliers invest million dollars for hotels and so, they think their benefit naturally. However, If we make tourism and if we think that tourism provides benefical to the country and region economy, I think that the hotels shouldn’t use tourism for their own self-interests.

If you think, you can see that all inclusive system is based on the self-interest.