25.09.2011 22:15

Hotel management is accommodation managment which is consist of a lot of different departments. In this article, I think to mention from animation department that is one of these departments.

Firstly, we look at what is animation, what does it mean? Animation with main meaning  means “living and moving”(1).

As hospitality concept, Animation means “entertainment”. That is to say, Animation department is entertainment department of the hotels. When the guests stayed in the hotels, they have a good time with activities that animation department prepares.

Animation department is separated wide positions as food & beverage department. In animation department, there are positions like animation chief, animation chief assistant, aerobic employee, animator, DJ (Disc Jokey), costume responsible and tennis employee…etc.

 Actually, People’s duty who work in animation department is not easy. Because, they are responsible for entertaining people. Entertaining people is not also easy and so that, I think that everone cannot work in animation department.

Besides, people who will work in animation department have to have some features. Some of these features are;

- Creativity (producing different games and activities)

-  Communication skill (setting effective communication with people)

- Well talking (diction)

- Being presentable



People who works in animation department have to have a good time while they are doing this job. Because, a person who cannot have a good time him/herself, cannot also have a good time another people.

I hope to see the next article…



(1) (20.11.2010)